S.M.A.R.T Goals for Smart Marketing Objectives

Smart Goals 2

Wait…before we start talking about setting marketing objectives, let’s first understand the importance of setting SMART goals. S.M.A.R.T., stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable,  Relevant, and Timely. And then there is always the 6th Acronym of C-for Consistent, but a SMARCT goal does not sound as good as a SMART goal right, lol! However, those of you in marketing know the importance of consistency when it comes to a successful marketing campaign, so in this instance the C is silent.

Back to creating SMART goals and a little about what they are.  SMART goals are usually set by those in leadership roles as a system of measurement, and a  way to set the expectations for their employees.  However, in this case, we are using SMART goals, to define the expectations of our marketing plan. According to the website HRWeb.MIT.Edu., SMART goals have been defined as:


Specific– The activities you plan to do during a set time period.

Measurable– The activities are within the scope of measurability, (yes, measurability lol)

Achievable-Considering the resources on hand, can you achieve the proposed marketing goals effective?

Realistic-Considering the resources on hand, are your marketing goals realistic?

Timely- Set for a specific time period.

By understanding and implementing SMART goals, you are creating a system of measurement that you can use to determine if your marketing efforts are effective and meet your organizational objectives, or if they need to be revisited and revised.Smart Goals

Next post we will go into more detail about setting marketing objectives

Thank you for reading, see you next post!

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